TrainCity is a Latino artist from. Flagstaff Arizona who started his music career in 2009. After getting signed to Es Oh El Musik in 2013 and.dropping his first album The Diary Of A Gentleman TrainCity went on to win Southwest Newcomer Of The Year for 2013. TrainCity is the only Arizona Artist to ever win this award. TrainCity had numerous top radio songs featuring some of the biggest pioneers in the Chicano Rap Scene. “Brown Sugar” being his biggest hit topping #3 on New Mexicos Hit R&B & Top 40 Radio Music Countdown.. Over the years TrainCity Has opened up for some of the biggest Rap & Hip Hop names in The industry performing at over 400 shows and rocking countless sold out events. TrainCity has made a name for his self as a stand out artist with his catchy hooks and creative flow..TrainCity has worked with artist such as Zig-Zag Nb Ridah, Simes Carter, BrownBoy, Don Cisco, Mav, B-Staks, PlayBoy7,Eklipse, Ren Of Doja Click , Fuchapro, Romero From.Clika One Just to Name a few and countless features with artist from Arizona all the Way to Okinawa Japan.