Malo Mente Entertainment Is a Rap/Hip Hop group started By Rapper/Producer Nino West In West Phoenix Az, early 2007. In the era of the early 21st century when new music trends were drifting away from the ’90s sound, Nino West took it upon himself to start making music that himself and his homies could relate to, being the few who did not change with new trends… Starting just with in his range of homeboys from his own neighborhood, Nino West started putting his homeboys on track. Due to Incarceration/ Death/ & the many other happenings of life in the hood,Nino West’s Vision for a group struggled. Continuing to put efforts into his group rather than to go solo. Nino’s vision was to represent more than just one mentality and speak from many peoples experiences of the life in the Hood. One day early 2009 Nino West was introduced to Rapper Vinnie V. (from south Phx) shortly released from prison Vinnie was brought to the studio along with 5 other artist trying to get down with Malo Mente. 1 track was recorded & Nino West took liking to Vinnie V’s Unique style and Voice, automatically taking him onto the label. After A few long years of hard work and dedication from both Nino West & Vinnie V. Nino West Runs into childhood friend and Rap Influence Wick Beltran. aka Wicked (from south Phx) who was also still making music but recording solo. In need of studio time. Nino West Takes him to the lab and discusses his vision. After time passing, and a few solo tracks by Wick were produced and released on two projects from Malo Mente, Wick finally agrees to start making moves with the label. Now with Nino West’s Aggressive Raw Gangster Lyrics,Production and Engineering skills. Vinnie V’s Voice, Style & Drive. Wick’s Universal, Lyrical, Spanglish Hood Style Flow, together we make what you hear as todays “Malo Mente”