G~Major (Born Salvador Alday Rangel) is a Music producer,Songwriter,Rapper, and engineer from Phoenix,Arizona. Major was introduced to the music world by his father Salvador Sr. Learning to play the drums at age 5 and piano at age 7. During the 90’s He drifted away from the music life and towards the gang life joining his neighborhood gang it wasn’t till he linked up with his big brother big boogie know as boogie man at the time that he would return to the music lifestyle. Fast forward 20 plus years he has worked alongside artist such as Glasses Malone,Sann Quinn,Roscoe of Dpg,Mistah Fab, and JDiggs. He is currently working on big boogies upcoming album and a album of his own set to release summer 2019 with features from Sann Quinn,Dpg and his Brown Boyz familia

“That’s minor to a major” -G~Major