Arturo (2-D) Blancas III also known as 2DASHD, is an independent underground musician from South Phoenix Arizona. This Songwriter / Rapper / Singer / Producer /Talkbox Player / Metal Vocalist – is a multi talented artist of wide ranges. After being active musically for over 15 years, eventually came the opportunity to expand the rap genre over to the rock/metal world. A local band calling themselves th3 n9n3, teamed up with “The DashMan” to form the Post Apocalyptic Rap Metal Super group; whos debut album is set to release in 2019. The founder of Inde-Ground Music Group LLC and the Front man for a hardcore band are only two of the many faces that he wears. After leading the Inde-Ground Music movement for 10 years he has joined forces with the Brownboyz and continuing to further the reaching of his audience around the world. 2DASHD is currently working on a new album and has music available on mostly all digital platforms. Subscribe on Youtube to see videos and follow on all social media to hear all the latest news, events, and independent underground music.